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PHED201 - Physical Fitness and Wellness (3 credit hours)
Physical Fitness and Wellness This course introduces candidates to knowledge, concepts, values, materials, and methods of teaching health and movement in the elementary school. The topics covered include healthy lifestyle, physical fitness, sound nutrition, and major health issues. Emphasis is placed on structuring activities and solving problems related to movement and health experiences.

  1. ENGU1305 or ENGU1305X or ENGU1304 or ENGU1304X or BNCHFORMIN.SCOREOF5.0
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PHED311 - Health & Movement (3 credit hours)
This course aims at introducing candidates to the concepts of gross-motor skills, fine-motor skills, manipulative skills and perceptual awareness skills in the early childhood stage which are related to personal health and safety. It covers topics such as locomotors skills, stability skills and manipulative skills Emphasis is placed on movement concepts of body parts and shapes, efforts of speed and force, space of levels and direction and the relationships between objects and peers. It also enables candidates to apply those concepts of personal health and safety in ways that are complementary to each other in various learning settings.

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