Master in Private Law (Graduate Studies) - 2008 Cohort

Students must complete 30 Credit hours to graduate.

Compulsory Courses (24 credit hours)
Course Title Semester Prerequisite Hours
PRVT6143 Thesis Fall Spring click here 6
PRVT6142 Seminar Fall click here 1
PRVT6140 Legal Research& Writing in (E) Fall click here 1
PRVT6128 Alternative Dispute Resol.(E) Spring 3
PRVT6127 Inter.Trade Contract (E) Spring 3
PRVT6126 Advanced St in Commercial Law Fall 3
PRVT6125 Modern Finance ISlamic Fall 3
PRVT6124 Advanced St. in Civil Law Fall 3

Elective Courses (6 credit hours)
You have to take all of the following clusters.
Cluster : Elective Courses ( 3 CH )
Cluster : Elective Courses ( 3 CH )