Master of Engineering Mgmt. (Graduate Studies) - 2006 Cohort

Students must complete 32 Credit hours to graduate.

Compulsory Courses (32 credit hours)
Course Title Semester Prerequisite Hours
MIST615 Management of Tech.&Innovation All 3
MGMT665 Management and Leadership All 3
MEME620 Operations Research for Eng. Fall Spring 2
MEME630 Project Mangement for Engineer Fall Spring 2
ACCT602 Management Accounting& Finance Spring 3
MEME690 Action Project2: Case Studies Fall Spring click here 2
MEME640 Project Planning & Control Fall Spring 2
STAT607 Decision Techniques& Data Anal Spring 3
MEME675 Product Development &Marketing Fall Spring 2
MGMT655 Supply Chain Management Spring 3
MEME670 Action Project 1: Case Studies Fall Spring 2
MEME660 Eng. Process Management Fall Spring 2
ECON651 Managerial Economics All 3
MKTG605 Marketing Mgmnt. in an E-Age Fall Spring 3
MEME650 Quality Engineering Fall Spring 2