Master of Business Admin (Graduate Studies) - 2009 Cohort

Students must complete 48 Credit hours to graduate.

Compulsory Courses (36 credit hours)
Course Title Semester Prerequisite Hours
ACCT601 Accounting for Senior Managers All 3
MGMT605 UAE in the Global Business Env All 3
STAT640 Stat.& Quantitative Analysis All 3
FINC610 Financial Management All 3
MIST610 Information System in Business All 3
ECON651 Managerial Economics All 3
MGMT630 Bus. Ethics &Corp. Governance All 3
MGMT620 Entrepreneurship & Innovation All 3
MGMT660 Strategic a Dyn. Env. All 3
MGMT650 Global OM in the Service Env. All 3
MGMT610 Strategic Human Resources MGMT All 3
MKTG605 Marketing Mgmnt. in an E-Age Fall Spring 3

Elective Courses (12 credit hours)
Course Title Semester Prerequisite Hours
MIST660 Enterprise IS All 3
MIST650 e-Bus:Tech,Strateg,Application All 3
MIST640 Business Intelligence & BPM All 3
MIST630 Strategic IS Management All 3
MGMT691 Total Quality Management All 3
MGMT692 Organizational Excellence Modl All 3
MGMT693 International Business All 3
MGMT675 Management & Leadership All 3
MGMT625 Business Project Management Fall Spring 3
MGMT623 Performance and Rewards Mgmt. All 3
MGMT622 Staffing Organizations All 3
MGMT621 Leadership & Orgn. Behvior All 3
GBUS690 Field Research Project All 3
GBUS680 Business Research All 3
FINC670 Advanced Risk Management Fall Spring 3
ACCT610 Acctng Analysis&Manag. Control All 3